Poster Session 1

Day 1 (Monday, August 17th), 5:05 pm
33 posters (submission numbers 4 through 89)

Title Authors
Using protein dimers to maximize the protein hybridization efficiency with multisite DNA origami scaffolds Vikash Verma, Leena Mallik, Rizal Hariadi, Sivaraj Sivaramakrishnan, Georgios Skiniotis and Ajit Joglekar
Bandpass Probes for Quantitative Mutation Screening in Nucleic Acid Targets Zheng Fang and David Zhang
Robust strand exchange reactions for the sequence-specific, real-time detection of nucleic acid amplicons Yu Sherry Jiang, Sanchita Bhadra, Bingling Li, Yan Du and Andrew Ellington
Modular DNA-based Biosensors for Isothermal Detection of Double-Stranded DNA, Oligonucleotides, and Small Molecules Carl W. Brown Iii, Matthew R. Lakin, Aurora Fabry-Wood, Eli K. Horwitz, Nicholas A. Baker, Darko Stefanovic and Steven Graves
Native Characterization of Nucleic Acid Motif Thermodynamics via Noncovalent Catalysis Chunyan Wang, Jin Bae and David Zhang
Plasmon Resonance Tuning Using DNA Origami Actuation Luca Piantanida, Denys Naumenko, Emanuela Torelli, Monica Marini, Dennis M. Bauer, Ljiljana Fruk, Giuseppe Firrao and Marco Lazzarino
Colloidal particles as platforms for DNA nanotechnology Cheulhee Jung, Tulsi Damase, Adam Spencer, Andrew Ellington and Peter Allen
DNA Circuits for Analog Computation Tianqi Song, John Reif, Hieu Bui, Reem Mokhtar and Sudhanshu Garg
Continuously Tunable Nucleic Acid Hybridization Probes Lucia R. Wu, J. Sherry Wang, John Z. Fang, Emily Reiser, Irena Pekker, Richard Boykin, Philippa J. Webster, Joseph Beechem and David Yu Zhang
Nature Inspired Computation Design for DNA Circuitry Rizki Mardian and Kosuke Sekiyama
Encapsulated DNA and Enzyme Reaction-Diffusion Network for Simple Cellular Automaton Ibuki Kawamata, Satoru Yoshizawa, Fumi Takabatake, Ken Sugawara and Satoshi Murata
Time-Responsive DNA Circuits for Universal Computation Sudhanshu Garg, Tianqi Song, Reem Mokhtar, Hieu Bui and John Reif
Automated Sequence Analysis for Domain-Level DNA Strand-Displacement Systems Joseph Berleant, Christopher Berlind, Joseph Schaeffer, Niranjan Srinivas, Chris Thachuk and Erik Winfree
Effects of DNA sequences on the performance of logic gate modules Toshihiro Kojima, Yoko Sakai and Akira Suyama
DNA-Origami Nanotubes: Insights Through Molecular Dynamics Simulations Vishal Maingi, Mickaël Lelimousin, Stefan Howorka and Mark S. P. Sansom
Homogeneously Multiplexed Quantitation of Nucleic Acid Targets via Digital Thresholding Yan Yan, Juexiao Wang and David Zhang
Ion-selective and switchable formation of guanine quadruplex structures on DNA origami structures Lydia Olejko, Piotr J. Cywinski and Ilko Bald
Frequency Analysis of DNA Nanostructures through Mass-Weighted Chemical Elastic Network Model Soojin Jo, Junyoung Son, Sung Ha Park and Moon Ki Kim
Thermodynamics and Kinetics of DNA Tile Binding During the Nucleation Process of 2D DNA Lattice Formation Fan Hong, Shuoxing Jiang, Hao Yan and Yan Liu
DNA Origami Capsules Maartje Bastings, Nandhini Ponnuswamy and William Shih
Controlled translocation of single nanoparticles on lipid membranes confined by DNA origami corrals Yongzheng Xing, Susanne Kempter and Tim Liedl
Gold nanolenses on DNA origami substrates for surface-enhanced Raman scattering Christian Heck, Julia Prinz, Virginia Merk, Janina Kneipp and Ilko Bald
DNA Nanostructures Scaffolded Lipid Compartments Zhao Zhao, Wei Sun, Steve Perrault, Peng Yin and William Shih
Predicting enhancer regulatory output using a self-avoiding wormlike chain model with protrusions Yaroslav Pollak and Roee Amit
DNA origami for advanced lithography Cheikh-Tidiane Diagne, Christophe Brun, Simona Torrengo, Denis Mariolle, Xavier Baillin, Didier Gasparutto and Raluca Tiron
Stochastic Analysis of Chemical Reaction Networks Using Linear Noise Approximation Luca Laurenti, Luca Cardelli and Marta Kwiatkowska
Markov Chain Computations using Molecular Reactions Ahmad Salehi, Keshab Parhi and Marc Riedel
Leakage Reduction by Mismatches and Secondary Structure in a Catalyzed DNA Strand Displacement Reaction Xiaoping Olson, Shohei Kotani, Jennifer Padilla, Natalya Hallstrom, Sara Goltry, Elton Graugnard, Bernard Yurke and Will Hughes
A polymer-physics model for long-range transcriptional regulation Yaroslav Pollak, Sarah Goldberg and Roee Amit
Combinatorial production of sequenceable, optical DNA origami nanobarcodes for cellular position-tracing in tissue-transcriptomics studies Ferenc Fördös and Björn Högberg
Shaping Assembly: Exploring the Role of Building Block Geometry for Molecular Design Pablo Damasceno and Sharon Glotzer
Site-specific attachment of polythiophene to DNA origami Franziska Fischer, Johanna Zessin, Anton Kiriy, Manfred Stamm and Michael Mertig
Stable DNA Reaction-Diffusion Patterns Dominic Scalise, John Zenk, Kaiyuan Wang, Ariana Cruz and Rebecca Schulman