Poster Session 3

Day 3 (Wednesday, August 19th), 5:00 pm
33 posters (submission numbers 125 through 157)

Title Authors
Probabilistic Analysis of Pattern Formation in Tile Self-Assembly Tyler Moore, Max Garzon and Russell Deaton
Integrated Amplification and Detection of DNA On A Paper Device Sifang Chen, Barry Lutz and Georg Seelig
Algorithmic Design of Scaffolded DX-Based DNA Origami Cages Sakul Ratanalert, Remi Veneziano, Fei Zhang, Hao Yan and Mark Bathe
De novo prediction of DNA origami structures through atomistic molecular dynamics simulations Christopher Maffeo, Jejoong Yoo and Aleksei Aksimentiev
Robust Molecular Finite Automata Titus H. Klinge, James I. Lathrop and Jack H. Lutz
Strict Self-Assembly of Fractals Using Multiple Hands Cameron Chalk, Alejandro Huerta, Dominic Fernandez, Mario Maldonado, Leslie Sweet and Robert Schweller
Concentration Independent Random Number Generation in Polyomino Tile Self-Assembly Cameron Chalk, Eric Martinez, Robert Schweller, Bin Fu and Tim Wylie
Multi-Model Cross-Platform Self-Assembly Simulation with VersaTILE Cameron Chalk, Dominic Fernandez, Mario Maldonado, Eric Martinez, Robert Schweller and Alejandro Huerta
Dynamic control of DNA Tile Nanotube Nucleation and Elongation Deepak K. Agrawal, Abdul M. Mohammed, Seth Reinhart, Tyler Jorgenson and Rebecca Schulman
Production of DNA oligonucleotides in vivo from an engineered bacterial retron. Richard Lease
SIMULATION OF A PROGRAMMABLE MOLECULAR COMPUTER Hugo Armando Guillen-Ramirez and Israel Marck Martinez-Perez
Directional Regulation of Biochemical Pathways on DNA Nanoscaffolds Guoliang Ke, Hao Yan, Chaoyong Yang and Yan Liu
Hierarchical Assembly of Three-Dimensional DNA Structures Daniel Cruz, Natasa Jonoska and Jessica Margiewicz
Rapid Unbiased Transport by a DNA Walker Utilizing Toehold Exchange Jieming Li, Alexander Johnson-Buck, Yuhe Renee Yang, Hao Yan and Nils G. Walter
Molecular information processing in micro gel beads with entrapped DNAs Satoru Yoshizawa, Ibuki Kawamata, Shin-Ichiro M. Nomura and Satoshi Murata
An evaluation of “refolded” and “prefolded” strategies with signaling aptamers Yan Du, Shu Jun Zhen, Bingling Li, Michelle Byrom and Andrew Ellington
Creating combinatorial patterns with DNA origami arrays Philip Petersen, Grigory Tikhomirov and Lulu Qian
Paradigms for developmental self-assembly of gridiron structures John Sadowski
Electronic control of DNA-based nanoswitches and nanodevices Simona Ranallo, Alessia Amodio, Andrea Idili, Alessandro Porchetta and Francesco Ricci
Hierarchical self-assembly of DNA origami rods Mahsa Siavashpouri, Mark Zakhary, Christian Wachauf, Hendrik Dietz and Zvonimir Dogic
Multi-Steroid Discrimination with High-Affinity Steroid Aptameric Sensors Kyung-Ae Yang
Software for the design and analysis of surface chemical reaction networks Samuel Clamons, Lulu Qian and Erik Winfree
Proofreading and Self-Healing in a 3D Tile Assembly Model Tony Rojko and Erik Winfree
Self-assembly of RNA and DNA nanoarrays with Paranemic Crossovers Fei Zhang, Yan Liu and Hao Yan
Characterizing “Leakless Strand Displacement” with Double Long Domains Boya Wang, Chris Thachuk, Erik Winfree and David Soloveichik
Strand Displacement Activated CRISPR-Cas9 Guide RNA Noah Jakimo and Joseph Jacobson
Late-Breaking: First Steps Towards Automated Implementation of Molecular Robot Tasks Inbal Wiesel, Gal A. Kaminka, Guy Hachmon, Noa Agmon and Ido Bachelet
DNA Nanotube Treadmilling Driven by Holliday Junction Isomerization Shuoxing Jiang, Yan Liu and Hao Yan
A DNA strand displacement circuit compiler demonstrated using unpurified strands Anu Thubagere, Chris Thachuk, Joseph Berleant, Robert Johnson, Diana Ardelean and Lulu Qian
A Systematic Process for Design and Implementation of Algorithmic DNA Tile Systems Constantine G. Evans, Masa Ono, Matthew Cook and Erik Winfree
3D Visualization Of Cadnano And Protein Data Using A Cloud Streaming Framework For Web-Based Large Model Viewing Joseph Schaeffer, Michael Zyracki, Andrew Kimoto, Malte Tinnus, Yann Bertaud, Dion Amago, Merry Wang and Florencio Mazzoldi
Winner-Take-All Neural Network Computation with a Simple DNA Motif Kevin Cherry and Lulu Qian
Dynamic self-assembly of DNA nanotubes Leopold Green, Hari Subramanian, Vahid Mardanlou, Jongmin Kim, Rizal Hariadi and Elisa Franco
Addressing DNA mediated self-assembly of carbon nanotube transistors Hareem Maune, Toan Ta, Laure Edoli, Charles Rettner, Shu-Jen Han and Jianshi Tang