Poster Session 2

Day 2 (Tuesday, August 18th), 5:00 pm
33 posters (submission numbers 90 through 124)

Title Authors
Direct visualization of a photo-controlled DNA walker on the DNA nanostructure Masayuki Endo, Yangyang Yang, Marisa Goetzfried, Kumi Hidaka, Mingxu You, Weihong Tan and Hiroshi Sugiyama
Lipid-bilayer-assisted two-dimensional self-assembly of DNA origami nanostructures Yuki Suzuki, Masayuki Endo and Hiroshi Sugiyama
Multi-Legged DNA-Based Molecular Motors Yaron Berger, Toma Tomov, Roman Tsukanov, Miran Liber and Eyal Nir
Model-based Design of Compliant DNA Origami Mechanisms Lifeng Zhou, Alexander E Marras, Haijun Su and Carlos Castro
Sticker-based algorithm for addition and its implementation in CUDA Nelson E. Ordonez-Guillen and Israel M. Martinez-Perez
Lipid-modified DNA rings on hydrophobic surfaces Keitel Cervantes-Salguero, Yusuke Yonamine, Ibuki Kawamata, Satoshi Murata and Katsuhiko Ariga
Engineering Energy Transfer Rates of Single Fluorophore Molecules close to Gold Nanoparticle using DNA Origami Constructs Nesrine Aissaoui, Mikael Käll, Peter Johansson, Marcus Wilhelmsson, Kasper Moth-Poulsen and Bo Albinsson
Design and Construction of a Molecular Turing Machine Shaji Varghese, Johannes Elemans, Alan Rowan and Roeland Nolte
Tile shape as a design parameter for DNA origami tilings Ali Aghebat Rafat, Tobias Pirzer and Friedrich Simmel
Rapid Actuation of DNA Origami Mechanisms Alexander E Marras, Lifeng Zhou, Hai-Jun Su and Carlos E. Castro
Interactive visualization of RNA folding pathways, with application to the design of molecules with long, diverse folding pathways Kennedy Agwamba, Sasha Heinen, Carson Ramsden, Rachel Sherman, Elizabeth Sweedyk and Anne Condon
Half-adder based on DNA strand displacement Ana Karen Velázquez-Sánchez and Israel Marck Martínez-Pérez
A versatile evolutionary algorithm for generating fit sets of oligonucleotide sequences Michael Tobiason, Bernard Yurke, Jennifer Padilla and William Hughes
Controlling the Reversible Assembly/Disassembly Process between Components using Molecular Recognition in Molecular Robots Wibowo Adi and Kosuke Sekiyama
DNA Encodings for in Vitro Molecular Learning of Multimodal Data Hyo-Sun Chun and Byoung-Tak Zhang
Molecular Evolutionary Learning of DNA Hypernetworks for Hand-written Digit Classification Christina Baek, Je-Hwan Ryu, Ji-Hoon Lee and Byoung-Tak Zhang
Reverse-engineering DNA tensegrity triangle crystallization Evi Stahl and Hendrik Dietz
Molecular scale patterning of DNA scaffolds with 3 nm long RecA nucleoprotein filaments Rajan Sharma, Andrew Lee, Sybilla Corbett, Mindaugas Dzikaras, Giles Davies and Christoph Wälti
DENA: a Configurable Architecture for Multi-stage DNA Logic Circuit Design Zohre Beiki and Ali Jahanian
DNA nanotube rings: Race tracks for molecular motors without the finish line Abhinav Appukutty, Rizal Hariadi and Sivaraj Sivaramakrishnan
Design and characterization of DNA nanostructures based on Polyhedral Meshes Erik Benson, Abdulmelik Mohammed, Johan Gardell, Sergej Masich, Eugen Czeizler, Pekka Orponen and Björn Högberg
Towards High Throughput Fluorescence-based Force Spectroscopy of Single Molecule Interactions Randy Patton, Emily Briggs and Carlos Castro
Structure-based Design of Scaffolded DNA Origami Keyao Pan, Hyungmin Jun and Mark Bathe
Detecting and Recovering from Faults in Programmed Molecular Systems Samuel J. Ellis, Eric R. Henderson, Titus H. Klinge, James I. Lathrop, Jack H. Lutz, Robyn R. Lutz, Divita Mathur and Andrew S. Miner
Controlling the Bending and Twist of RNA Assemblies via Artificially Designed Loop-Bulge Kissing Interactions Di Liu, Cody Geary, Gang Chen and Yossi Weizmann
Self-Assembly of DNA Graphs and Postman Tours Katie Bakewell, Daniela Genova and Sudam Surasinghe
Using DNAzyme to control DNA tiles filling into Origami Frame Cheng Zhang, Jing Yang, Shuoxing Jiang, Yan Liu and Hao Yan
Some remarks on the Chemical Reaction Networks implemented by using DNA Yasuhiro Suzuki
Intelligent Biodegradable Hydrogels Made of DNA-PEG-DNA Tri-block Copolymers Akinori Kuzuya, Shizuma Tanaka, Kenta Wakabayashi, Kazuki Fukushima and Yuichi Ohya
Encoding and Decoding Algorithms for Nucleic Acid Memory (NAM) Farhad Rasapour, Reza Zadegan, Tim Andersen and William Hughes
An In-vitro Transcriptional Classifier Based on DNA Strand Displacement Randolph Lopez and Georg Seelig
One-dimensional Noncooperative Tile Assembly with One Dissolvable Glue Tyler Moore, Max Garzon and Russell Deaton